I’m not an artist but I like creating

I have not drawn a thing in twenty-five years or so other than logos and so webpage things. So maybe 22 years. Still, a Long time. And I was never the best artist in the world but I liked it. I liked different mediums and different styles but my style was never truly realism. And I enjoyed oil painting and watercolors the best. But I did love to draw.

And lately I want to play around with my creativity. Other than writing which is an excellent outlet for me and something that suits my nature quite well. Just other forms of expression. I thought maybe I would play around with drawing again and charcoal. Just for fun. Like poetry- I’m no poet but it is a form of expression that I enjoy sometimes because of the way you can express yourself.

So just playing around.

And here is the First Drawing in Decades. It is called ‘Migraine Aura’

So it isn’t awesome or even that good. It is simplistic and basic.

But it is the very first thing I have drawn in a very long time. So I get imaginary points for that. Not even going to say my skills will even get back to what they were… they might not. But if I enjoy it, that is all that really matters to me.

What I sort of want to do is black and white with some pop of colour. But I need to practice first.

And it was fun to explore the ideas I have visually in my mind. That was interesting to me. Been some time since I have played with that. I think I will have fun exploring some styles I am into and different subjects.

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9 thoughts on “I’m not an artist but I like creating”

  1. Perfect written we do things because we like to do. There is no obstacle between a pen/pencil in our hand and pepper which is best thing with whom we can share our thoughts without any hesitation. i really liked it.

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    1. Thank you. I love to write but I also love to explore other ways to be creative. And I don’t have to be perfect or great to express an idea or thought. I just enjoy the process.

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      1. If they hope to make money they will be disappointed ultimately because their content will never be from the heart. Blogging is definitely writing and writing is a passion first. This wee blog doesn’t make a cent and I love it.

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      2. Oh yes. I have written a few books but blogging is fun on the side along with that for exploration of ideas and other creativity. And connecting with other writers and bloggers as well.

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