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Lost Magic: Book 1 of the Alignment preorder

Lost Magic is available August 30th! Almost time. I did a preorder this time which I have never done before. When it is done I will put up the physical book for sale as well. And I have pre-sold 2 books. I know. Impressive. Don’t envy me. Anyway, it is up for preorder and it is only 99 cents. I will maintain that price on the first book in the series. This is a trilogy. The other books are written… 1st drafts. I am currently working on the second draft of the second book so I am aiming for release next year depending on external factors.


I would like to thank my editor A. R. Morrison for all her hard work on my novel. You can find her on her site: A. R. Morrison. She worked quite well with my informal 1st person style on this novel. This is the first time I have had an editor due to lack of funds (being on disability and all) and it was a great experience. It made me feel so great to have someone with her skills refine my work so that I can present it to people without those infernal errors that slip through my brain foggy head (not even to mention one cannot edit one’s own work… we are too deep into it). She kept in regular communication with me and any questions she had with how I wanted things she asked. And the finished product is awesomesauce. I feel great about it and it was a pleasure to have her work with my novel. So consider her for your editing needs.

I would also like to thank my mom and dad for beta reading for me. It helps to have someone read through your draft just to tell you what they think of things. All sorts of things. Flow, characters, timeline, plot… whatever. And I don’t have any other beta readers. However, they are both readers. I trust both of them. Both of them are intelligent. Both of them will tell me what they think. Both will find errors that I cannot see for the life of me. Hell, their support means a lot. I know I’ll never make millions but writing is something that is vital for my mental wellbeing. It is important to me and so it is important to them… and that there is love.

Lost Magic- Book 1 The Alignment Lil Hamilton

Fifty years ago the Alignment between our universe and the Realm started. With it, an influx of Universal Energy which powered up the Earth’s ley lines and people who are sensitive to it became wizards, witches, or psychics. When the Alignment hit translucent spirit entities also crossed over creating all sorts of creatures. However, hidden in society also exists sorcerers who exist whether our world is in an Alignment or not. 

Irelynne is a sorcerer monitoring the city of Coldbrooke. Placed to watch wizards and for other entities that may be a negative influence. She agrees to help a vampire help with the murder cases of a few witches and one wizard. She comes across a crime she had not expected while trying to find the murderer and the method of death. A problem that her clan could eradicate by slaughtering everyone involved if she cannot find a way to resolve the situation.

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