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Weird as f*ck

I see some people out there who are proud they are weird as fuck. And they are my people. Because I too am weird. I like a lot of fandoms. I am dorky, nerdy, and geeky all at once. I know a lot of strange facts. I have high intelligence statistically. High creativity. But super low on wisdom. I like to learn the hard way over and over for any life lesson. How I roll. I have no fashion sense, wear no makeup, do not like to collect shoes or purses and fail every female stereotype. And that is fine. Stereotypes are designed to be Broken. I am disabled, which according to society, is not Normal. And society rather disapproves of that one. Anyway, not the point. Point is I am weird. And I am cool with that.

But, you know, I think we are all weird as fuck

I think if you have a good deep chat with anyone at all for more than an hour and you will find out something weird they have experienced, they believe, or they do.

  • They collect doll heads. Just the heads. Okay, let’s skip that one. That is a little too weird.
  • They are artistic
  • They are way too smart. Like brilliance exudes from them and you cannot follow their wonderful leaps of logic and abstract theories.
  • They are seriously passionate about something really obscure… like ancient Egyptian art or posting 1001 perfect selfies on Instagram
  • They speak several languages and we are like I can’t even figure out my native one
  • They exercise… a Lot. I don’t get that one. But if they are into it… good on them!
  • They are insanely funny… so you cannot stop laughing and laughing and tell them to Stop it is beginning to hurt… but they don’t, do they?
  • They have a fashion sense. I know that exists as a concept although I do not have this skill or talent or inclination.
  • They love to argue. A lot. About everything. Until you throw up your hands and yell ‘OKAY. YOU’RE RIGHT. DOES THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY?’ and it does make them happy
  • They love puzzles and are insanely good at them.
  • They follow a fandom religiously and maybe do fanfic
  • They are shy and do not talk much but when they Do holy hell magic happens. Like they store profound thoughts in there just for when they are ready to say something
  • They are very altruistic and compassionate and empathetic… and you wish you could clone a million of them.
  • They know a lot of really random facts. And people call them a ‘know it all’ but they are awesome. Awesome resource for random things. And win a few million on Jeopardy… whereas I am totally feeling pretty smart getting 10-15 questions right… and when i get the final Jeopardy question I feel on top of the world.
  • They are Travellers. Now this requires a lot of money that the majority of us do not have and therefore can never do. But Travellers see so many places and cultures and it is amazeballs.
  • Maybe they are just ‘quirky’
  • Maybe you can grow a garden like no one’s business. I love plants. But I kill them. My love kills plants. So that is not a skill I have… might learn it, but currently cannot do it. Some people love to make plants thrive in the house, outside… they rock at it and love doing it.

We all have weirdness. And that is Far better than thinking in this abstract notion of normal. Oh, sure, there are statistically normal things we all do, and have in common with some group. But not All groups. Not everyone has normal traits and experiences that fits with everyone. No… we have some weirdness in the mix. Some are our traits. Some are our personality. Some are the things we do for enjoyment in this suckfest of a life. Some are the unique experiences we have had. Often a bit of them all compound to our weirdness. We are not all that unique really. We all have irrational beliefs. We all have emotions. And we are all weird in some facet or another. Several facets sometimes. And those of us who totally excel at something… like famously so. They are the weirdest of them all. But we do not have to be exceptional to be weird.

Granted, some more than others. I am weird and I know it. I think one must be to be a writer. But also for many other varied reasons. And I think many people have weirdness for many varied reasons.

Normal sounds utterly terrifying really. Can you even imagine such a thing? And how utterly boring that would be? Yeah, do not aim for normal. While it is true we are not all exceptional we can be exceptional at a Thing. Or we can enjoy a thing. Or we can be very experienced in things others are not… and what stories we can tell about that. Normal people do not excel. They do not have interesting hobbies. They do not experience weird things that make for awesome stories and develop our very characters in this life. No they are mundane. They have no desire for more than blah. And who wants blah?

There are many things in this life that make it worthwhile. And those things are what give us a reason to get up in the morning. Because life is a series of problems and it can be boring and it can suck a lot sometimes. We need our Things to give us overall well being and satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment. It may seem minor to someone else. But it is our Thing, man. We won’t be famous for it. Or even make money at it. It’s worth far exceeds those two things though. We may never be exceptional at it either. I like writing poetry… I’m not good at it… but I do it anyway. I like creative pursuits… but I will tell you this I am no artist. Maybe abstract art I could do. But nothing more than that. It is something I value in others… that impressive creativity. My Thing is more writing. And even that… may never be known for it, may never make money at it, but it is the thing that compels me. It is my passion. I’ll do it with or without an audience. Readers are awesome, I am one, so yeah I love people who read my work and get into my world and love the ride. But that doesn’t mean I am the next Stephen King. And I won’t be either. But the fulfillment I get from the journey is worth every word I type out.

And I have traits that are out of the range of normal. Which is good. We should all have traits that give the world the wonderful diversity of people we have. And we can admire traits in others we will never have. And other traits seem odd to us. Extroverts make no sense to me. All the power to them, but I’ll still with my introversion. Intelligence varies, emotional intelligence varies, personality traits vary… and in one of those areas I bet you are little weird. Beyond the statistical norm.

I saw rock the weird. Own that part of yourself that makes you interesting. What made you weird as a kid? That is what makes you pretty awesome as an adult.

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