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Social media risks

As a writer and a blogger I do market my work a lot. Just have to. Not saying I rock at it, but I do it. So we need social media to market. But usually all that is on brand. Aside from my writing blog and twitter… unless my brand is dorky and geeky… in which case, totally on brand. Anyway, I run two blogs, two facebook pages, two Pinterest accounts, and two twitter accounts because both of the things I do need to be separately promoted and marketed. It is necessary.

But I am also disabled. I cannot even drive at the moment and am homebound most of the time aside from short outings. So social media is my friend. It is the way I can connect to the world when I can’t really connect with the world often. In that sense, saves me from insanity, I’d say.

But WE are not products. WE are not a business. We do not need to promote ourselves, brand ourselves, sell ourselves. And I think in some way that is what happens when we become too involved in this world of social media.

Social Media risks

Yet social media… is weird

  • We are encouraged to compete with each other
  • We strive for likes and love
  • We feel lesser in comparison to others
  • It can aggravate mental illness, like depression
  • We can become dependant on this false attention
  • And hurt by any troll-ish criticisms
  • It can make some people addicted. And narcissistic.
  • We are less likely to make real world connects which makes us lonely… and loneliness is at epidemic levels.
  • We can get a boost from a lot of likes, and down with little

In a weird sense it feels like we should be on ‘brand’ and present ourselves in certain ways. Or promote ourselves in certain ways

So really I recommend:

  1. Social media breaks. All out no social media. Watch movies or Netflix. Read a book. Go out to a fire and BBQ. But do not touch your phone to check social media
  2. Never compare yourself to others who are just presenting an image. A facade.
  3. Be authentic… I mean if you are just You and no facade and no drive to shoe how perfect your life is… then it feels good to connect with others. You own who you are. The good, the bad, and the ugly. And the awesomeness.
  4. Block toxic and negative people
  5. Unfollow people who are repetitively posting in a way that is frustrating

Social media is a tool. But when the tool uses us, then it becomes a real problem. When it doesn’t it can be fun. And it can connect us to like-minded people with similar interests. But if you find yourself:

  • Sleeping with your phone
  • Have it by you during dinner and check it
  • Checking it several times a day even though nothing much new is there
  • Use it while actually in a conversation with a living person
  • Find that you are on it a lot… but also very lonely
  • Finding yourself hesitant to be authentic
  • Live for the likes
  • Live for more followers

Then it might be an issue you want to address.

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5 thoughts on “Social media risks”

  1. This post hit home today. Thank you for the reminder. Social media shouldn’t be the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about at night.

    Liked by 1 person

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