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Coming soon: Lost Magic: book 1 in The Alignment

So I have been writing this series that was burning in my brain since I had a dream about it. Three book series. And the first book is going through final touch-up to be published.

Old Magic: Lil Hamilton

The book is about Irelynne Chedaka born of the Canadian Sorcerer clan in Manitoba. She lives in Coldbrooke Alberta monitoring the Agency and preternaturals to inform her clan of anything they need to know. Unlike the preternatural communities Sorcerers are not ‘out’ and known about. All creatures like vampires and shifters, and all wielders like witches and wizards, were produced from being exposed to the Realm during the cosmic alignment of these realities. Either infected by its spirit entities or could wield the Universal Energy that blend into the ground. Sorcerers were neither. And they existed whether there was an Alignment or not.

Ire is contacted by a vampire, Callum, to help him solve a case involving witch murders. It wasn’t a matter they were dying since the covens were trying to unify into a government like the wizards had with the Arcane Society. It was more a matter of how they were dying. And the how made Irelynne suspicious of the motivations. Not to mention a wizard death is tied to theirs. It couldn’t be just that witches were getting rid of dissenters if a wizard was involved. When she finds out what is really going on it is a matter of trying to solve it all before her clan comes in a solves it their way. Their way often involved a whole lot of murder.

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