Charlie is our only cat now. Franky passed last year. Bobby not too long ago. So he is all alone. I thought of getting him another cat for company… but I think he would disagree with that idea. He is very possessive and jealous of our attention. I have a feeling he would rebel. And he is an angry pee-er and poop-er. Moved a litter box… he pooped where it Was. Gave him a bath and he came out, got into my lap, and peed on me. So… you can see how maybe he might just be cool by himself.

So this is Charlie. Or Chuckles. Or Chunky Monkey. Or Buddy

This is where he hangs when I write. I put my laptop on a pillow, sit beside it, so my lap is available to Charlie for snuggles. Otherwise, he is ticked if I have the laptop in my lap…where he belongs
This is Charlie helping me paint… so helpful my buddy is.
Here he is showing off his hunting skills as he brought me his catnip sheep and meowed until I acknowledged what a good hunter he was
This is him peeping… he does this often… around corners, over the table, down at you from his perch in the living room.
And this is him when he wants outside. Staring at the door intently and yowling. He is an indoor cat. He just likes to take a stroll on the lawn for 10 minutes.

He is a really snuggly cat. Also a bit of a brat. Stubborn as hell. He loves getting his photo taken. Which is good because 99% of my Instagram is cat photos. He is spoiled and he knows it. Also he is on a diet… wee bit chunky. And he disapproves of that diet.


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