Get your festive on

Yes, it is time for Christmas! Giving. Presents. Family. Loads of nostalgia. I love it. Love it all.

I have some recommendations to make your holiday the festive festivenessest Christmas ever. Or something to that effect.

  • Have rum eggnog without the nog… just the rum. A lot of rum.
  • Save the present paper. Frugal is cool. Use a fine blade to cut the tape off. Don’t think about how much time this is taking. It is about wrapping paper preservation here.
  • Play games. Like throw the dart at rudolph’s red nose.
  • Drink some more!
  • Eat a feast worthy of the gods!
  • You ate too much. Now you can’t move. I didn’t say eat that much. Okay, I did. It is a feast of the gods!
  • Make a shank out of a candy cane by licking it into razor sharpness.
  • Make a snow angel. No, wait, baby it’s cold out there. Don’t do that.
  • Make a snowman. No… still cold out there.
  • Roast chestnuts over an open fire. If you have a fireplace. Otherwise an open fire in the house is bad news.
  • Party!
  • Wear ugly sweaters. Because this is a thing people do.
  • Rest in the stupor of great food and the love of your family. And the rum. That’ll help.

Remember Christmas is a holiday you can celebrate any way that you want to. Unlike that person, who will remain nameless, that said atheists cannot celebrate Christmas. We just take the Christ out, and it is all good. We call it x-mas. And Santamas. And sometimes on a whim, I call it Saturnalia. Put the god of Saturn back into Christmas! Hell, all the gods are invited… it is Christmas after all. Have to have some Christmas spirit. No one hoards the holiday. Except for the Grinch and you don’t want to be a Grinch, do you?

So celebrate the hell out of this holiday season. In any way that is your way. Be Joyful, damn it. And if you have no family or can’t travel… have a real chill day binging Netflix and have yourself a cup of cocoa in your PJs. (Things to do when alone on Christmas) Remember, this is your day to celebrate in any way you want to. There is no wrong way. There is no right way.

I love Christmas. Best holiday of all. You have family getting together. You have a feast. You give presents that make others smile. And you get presents from those that love you. And you just spend time together feeling all stuffed and happy.

Get your game face on! Rock this Christmas! Go forth and get your festive on!

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