Nanowrimo end

And so it is: NaNoWriMo is over for the year

Last day writing total for Nanowrimo: 91588

Words per day average: 3052

Nanowrimo is over for the year

I enjoyed Nano this year. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it with all these vestibular symptoms lately. In particular the constant dizziness and spaced out feeling. But I wrote after my morning and afternoon meds kicked in and got into a real habit of it. And that has made me feel quite productive and has helped with my mood a lot. Just being capable of something I love made me very happy. Whether I won or not. But I won because I was in a real groove and kept going until I completed the novel. Not just the 50k. No, I kept at it and finished it completely. I feel like I really did win. That it is possible to write a draft in a month. Even when your health is compromised. I did slow down at the end. Because I was unwell and I wanted the end scene right. But writing ebbs and flows like that.

Nano is great for developing that every day writing habit and for that I love it. And it is an Event, not a contest. It is a personal contest of course. But losing isn’t bad. Life gets in the way sometimes and some novels need more time to brew. We interact with great writing communities at this time and I love that a lot. it is the people that make it so enjoyable.

So victory is mine! I celebrate every victory I have these days. Large and small.

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