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NaNoWriMo: one mistake not to make

There is a flaw I found one year on Nano working on a novel. I would write 3-5k a day. I can do it regularly. I am doing it right now. Except for today where I was laid out by illness. Such days occur as a disabled writer. Annoyed the hell out of me. But such is life. Nevertheless, I can power through and write my little heart out. Pouring forth a novel.

Nanowrimo: One mistake not to make


Always a butt, eh.

But, I would write too fast. Jumping from main scene to main scene and forgetting all the fine nuances of depth in there. So I would finish at 50k. But it was liking speeding through the main scenes to get to the other main scene. Not enough depth in Any scene let alone a down chapter. The entire plot rushed too much.

Yet I would win. I wrote a little over 50k that year for that novel.

But that wasn’t the novel it should have been. 50k should have been the halfway point int the actual novel.

Which, in general, is too short for a fantasy fiction so that doesn’t work at all.

And really it missed the real depth I needed.

Because I was rushing too much. For the Win! Yeah!

I have been stumped on that one since. How to create that depth I missed by writing down just the facts of the story. Always anticipating the next scene instead of focusing on the current one.

So don’t do that. My tip of the day.

Pay attention to the up and down and flow of scenes. The depth building of your world and your characters. And amp up the tension slowly. Take the time for any extra research you need. Take the time to compose every chapter in the depth needed to get the plot going as it should… and not too fast. Never rush through to get your word count. Trust me your novel will thank you for it.

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4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: one mistake not to make”

    1. Yeah I think there is a learning curve for it and it was definitely a mistake I made that year. Maybe just a little too eager to write the story? Don’t know.


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