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NaNoWriMo: Progress report

Nanowrimo: Progress report

Word count: 13,792

This book is progressing faster than normal. I do tend to finish early anyway, but this is a good leap ahead in the start giving my illness.

I do think I know why. This is the second book in a series. I Know this world. I Know this character and sub-characters. I have done all the worldbuilding. I know this world inside and out. And I had a basic idea for the plot. It might require some research as I go along because I only did preliminary research. And that will slow me down a bit and that is why you write a lot in the beginning so you have time for things that crop up during the storyline you need to explore first.

I love the process itself because it tells you, you are capable of writing 50k in less than a month. Which means possible to write the first draft of a fantasy novel within 2 months. And it gives you that habit which hopefully carries on for later. I do like to write every day and blog every day as is. But you never track it. You never say ‘hey I just got down 3k. Yay!’ and you never celebrate it with other writers like you do during Nano

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