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NaNoWriMo: so it begins!

NaNoWriMo is when in November writers put pen to paper, clicks to the keyboard, to get down 50k words (Which can be an entire novel although I write fantasy so I get about halfway there). On the site, you track your words. And you could cheat at that but you’d literally just be cheating yourself. And at the end of you win they give you deals on certain writing things. And you can buy yourself a winning t-shirt. Yes, I did get a t-shirt one year.

Nanowrimo: So it begins!

Ready, set, go…

I have done Nano for 3 years and won every year! Which always made me feel good. Two self-published novels were the result of two. The last isn’t ready to be published.

This year will be a difficult challenge because last year I developed a vestibular disorder and it really affects me cognitively so I have to carefully choose when I can write. And… the mistakes I make are weird. Like suddenly changing tense. Forgetting the name of a character and using an entirely different one. Using the wrong word and that gets creative… doesn’t mean anything near what I intended.

Why I love NaNoWriMo

It is great for all writers of all ages. And winning is a great feeling but it is the actual process of doing this with a bunch of other writers that makes it worthwhile.

There is an awesome community of writers out there to engage with during November. I am meeting so many on Twitter and belong to two Nano FB groups.

Here is my temp cover

The Old Gods Nano novel

So it begins!

And so…

  • Get your plot in gear
  • Caffeine in massive doses
  • Drink a water to dilute the caffeine overdose
  • Remember to snack on your kid’s Halloween candy
  • Ignore all the ghosts coming out to play

WORD COUNT after midnight last night 2092!

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