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Blogtober: Introvert fears

It is nearing Halloween and I have done a few good Halloween posts and now it is time for…

Introvert Fears!!!

Blogtober Introvert fears

  1. Public speaking. I remember this from school. My hands would shake like crazy and I would speak really, really fast. Until I figured out a trick. I realized most people are not even listening. So I pretended they weren’t and it helped a lot. Until University and I realized people really were listening. Damn it.
  2. Being in crowds- It just isn’t comfortable for introverts to be in large crowds and having all those people suck the energy from our souls.
  3. Being at a party where you know no one- Being at a large party is bad enough being there because you know the host alone… torture. Find me planted in the corner alone or petting the pet. Or trying to see if I can turn myself invisible.good-time-to-take-an invisibility-pill
  4. Talking on the phone- I don’t know if it is the lack of social cues or what but most of us would much rather a text or email over the phone.
  5. Answering the door when you are not expecting someone- just kidding we don’t answer the door when we are not expecting someone
  6. Trying to explain something we are passionate about- Now this has to do with a lot of introverts loathing inane conversation and preferring depth to a conversation. But when we talk about these things we see that glazed look comes over the person’s eyes until we just stop talking about our passions.
  7. Long social events. Just because they are so soul-sucking
  8. Meeting new people. It can take months… years to get used to someone. And when a random is introduced into your social circle it can be awkward.
  9. Packed places like a bus or train- They are IN our BUBBLE
  10. Going to the dentist or hairstylist and things of that nature where we are forced to come up with conversation or talk when we do not want to

But we love alone time. We love small gatherings with close friends. We are great at observing the world around us (sometimes. I am an INTP and it is amazing when I notice the world around me) but most of us do not mind just people watching. We like it when we are in a comfortable space where we do not have to talk if we do not want to.

I used to think customer service was my worst nightmare. And it was. Having to talk to so many people and doing that ‘busy talk about nothing’ all the time. I had to teach myself this skill and it took a bit. But it is a skill… not something I actually enjoy. Like this fake facade, I use to deal with it and then take the mask off after. And it is a skill I am very good at. And don’t like. I like just being in an office and doing my thing without people and without supervision.

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