Blogtober: Things you fear


We all have fears. Small, minor and major.

Blogtober things you fear

  1. Large bugs. A normal bug like a beetle is cool, man, just cool. A massive beetle not cool. That is why I lived in the frozen tundra of Canada. And not in Australia where the spiders are bigger than me… that isn’t cool, man.
  2. Wasps. Wasps are a-holes. Just saying. Love bees but I can’t always tell which is which when it is in my face so, yeah, not too happy about that. I freeze and slowly back away.
  3. Coma: I get sleep paralysis and since it started I have had a fear of being stuck in my body but aware of what was going on around me. Unable to do anything about it.
  4. Fear of failure. I am a bit of a perfectionist
  5. Fear of success: Because you have to then perform the same way you did and can you keep it up? Or was it a fluke.
  6. The future of AI where the robots will take over the world and I wouldn’t make a good slave
  7. A future where the aliens invade to eat our livers.
  8. Clowns. Come on, seriously, they are creepy. You never know who is under that smile. Who is really there. Okay, yeah I have trust issues.
  9. Mirrors. They creep me out. Just do. Only have a mirror in the bathroom. Anywhere else… demons could come out of those. Or something.
  10. Ghosts. Yeah, I am fascinated by the possibility of ghosts. Not so much that they could be hanging around and I cannot see them or know they are there.
  11. Public speaking- I mean that terrifies me to my very core. Introvert problem I guess

So what do you fear? Flying? Water? Fears are in abundance. We can fear many things and even ourselves. So this Halloween remember… lots of things to fear

As children, we fear weirder things.

  1. I feared this mud pie I made with random ingredients would turn into a monster during the night. Because who knows what those ingredients would make, am I right?
  2. I watched the peanut butter solution and feared I would go to sleep and wake up bald
  3. I watched Ghoulies and was afraid a monster would come out of the toilet and eat my butt. Mind you that babysitter perhaps shouldn’t have let a child watch that. So I would wash my hands after using the toilet then flush the toilet and run out before it finished flushing, afraid that it would call the monster by hearing the noise

So you know, we have weird imaginations as a kid. I apparently loved bugs at that age. And as a baby ate dirt and slugs… so there is that.

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