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Blogtober: Ghost story #3

This is my final ghost story and the one that really creeped me out. In the house I live in. I love a good ghost story so I hope you have enjoyed mine. Good time of year to talk about all your freaky experiences.

Blogtober Ghost Story 3

The Haunting one night

To set the scene I had been having unusual migraine auras that I had never experienced before. The first was two new olfactory auras where you smell things that are not there. I have pretty predictable ones but then suddenly I got this wafting perfume smell and the smell of cooking (like maybe stirfry?) The thing was it was weird, the smell of cooking was in one specific spot. Take a step and it wasn’t there step back in and it was back. The second aura was an auditory aura which I have never experienced as an aura ever. It was this music box tune that repeated the same and I kept having it for months.

All likely migraine auras regardless of the weirdness. And auras change. And my auras are persistent anyway… so always have a visual aura every day, migraine or not.

Then one night I was typing on the computer, no programs open aside from word, at about 2 AM. Prior to developing this vestibular disorder I was an extreme insomniac and could stay up to 4 AM. It was prime writing time for me. Now I am an early bird and I can only type in the morning. Or just after taking the meds they have me on.

Anyway, this is what happened that night that I could not explain and cannot explain.

At first, there was this static-click-static-click noise repeated. And I thought my speakers are not even on let alone the volume up. But I thought maybe they were going wonky so I leaned in to see if it was coming from the speakers.

Then swear to god, my friends, I heard two small children giggling.

And that freaked me out. Also, as we all know, children in horror movies are freaky as all hell and sometimes really a demon. So I wasn’t cool at all with this. I should mention I do Not have children.

I thought this might be the most complex aura I have ever experienced. So I asked out loud “If there is someone here, flicker my light.” I had a lamp in the corner as my only light source. I thought I could brush it off as the weirdest and most abnormal of migraine auras since they had been weird lately.

And all be damned, that light flickered. But not like a light bulb flicker or a power thing. Like a very loud fizzle zap from the light as it brightened and went back to normal.

I said, okay, okay. But what can you do? Nothing. So I went to bed.

I can’t explain this one. Not those sounds. Not the light. Nothing.

Thing is, this house is not haunted. We have lived here over a decade and nada. It has a good vibe to it. And nothing is creepy at all. I feel very comfortable in this house. Aside from sleep paralysis nightmares which are not cool at all.

So I do not know what that was. Not at all. If ghosts exist maybe they can come on by to mess with us without sticking around. Who knows. Maybe it was a medication thing? I have no idea. But this is the most vivid, creepy, an experience I have ever had.

My brother

I do know this, I and my mom had one more experience that I cannot explain. My step-brother passed away. He went missing. There was a search. And it turns out he was off his meds and drowned in the river. I thought about that for a long, long time after and mourning is a long process. While we still thought he was missing but alive mom and I started getting calls. For me on my land line. No number on it ever. It was blank but ringing and happened once a day. Nothing on the line when I finally answered. I joked with my spouse about it. ‘The call is coming from IN the house” I’d say. But what I didn’t know was mom was getting calls to on her cell, from my brother’s number also nothing on the line. And we found out later he had indeed died the day he left his halfway house. And maybe he was telling us goodbye and that he was okay. That is what I like to think. That is what I want to think. And the phone never did that again after the funeral. Nor did my moms.

And so I have to wonder about life after death. Even though I really tried to rationalize everything from sleep disorders to just weirdness I couldn’t explain. But these last ones, I have no answer for at all. And maybe we just do not have answers to everything in this world.

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2 thoughts on “Blogtober: Ghost story #3”

  1. Awesome (but freaky!) ghost story! And I’m so sorry about your brother.

    I believe ghosts are real and there’s an afterlife and stuff like this scares the crap out of me! But like you I also have a strong skeptical side and try whenever possible to think of a rational, scientific explanation for phenomena.

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