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Blogtober: Ghost story #1


I have a few ghost stories and since it is Halloween I am going to share a few. A ghost story is something we just cannot explain. And maybe one day we can explain those things. Who knows. But I do know most explanations are due to our brains and how they sometimes misinterpret data. Like the things I have experienced during sleep paralysis— trippy stuff man (And I can really see how that can freak the hell out of someone). Also, the things you experience between wake and sleep. Like when you hear someone yell out your name. Sometimes that wakes me from a dead sleep. Anyway, sleep phenomena are weird. And other times our brains just makes the wrong interpretation of a normal event. But other times, we just do not have a good explanation for weirdness.

So I will lead up to my most haunted story and start with a mild weird story. These will be 3 posts for each weird story.

Blogtober: Ghost story number 1

The haunted eightplex

So when I was 19-20 I lived in an eightplex off campus with a few roommates.

It was a fine wee place and affordable with all of us.

But at night sometimes you would hear someone upstairs and like a chair moving only to wake up with a chair in the middle of the kitchen.

We also had a closet in the kitchen. Long in length and must have been for storage. We just put our recyclable bottles in there. It had a folding door. And one night it opened and bottles were everywhere. We all woke up and couldn’t figure out how that had opened as we had our table there and a chair right in front. Not to mention it wasn’t bursting with bottles… so not like the pressure that exploded outward. And we couldn’t explain even if the door had opened somehow how all the bottle bags got so far out.

I was creeped out by the basement where we slept. I always felt like someone was staring at me to the point I would turn on the lights and look but due to my shift work on my year off University, no one was down there. It was like someone staring at me all the time but not in a good way. In a very creepy way. Sometimes I would wake in a dead sleep stare into the dark and swear someone was there.

It was hard to sleep. And when I did I had horrific nightmares and it was hard for people to wake me up from them. I was standing with someone I could not see all the time. They were right next to me but I never could look to see them. We stood in an old theatre with and a screen with large red curtains. And the person would say to me ‘see’ and point at the screen. And a thousand images would cross that screen. Sometimes just flashes of screaming or crying faces or agony over and over. Sometimes disasters and horrible scenes. I guess I talked in my sleep but no one understood what I said and like I said it was very hard to wake me up. They stopped when I moved. Never had them again.

And this was nothing compared to the issue our neighbour had who had the most haunted place. Like we had overflow but they had the main deal. Like I am talking all the taps turning on at the same time. And things moving from where you out them. Really weird stuff.

But we were young and I, personally, have an exceptional imagination. And I also have some serious sleep issues. Falling asleep. Staying asleep. Sleep paralysis. I don’t know what those nightmares were about or why it was hard to wake me when usually every damn thing waked me but I assume they were influenced by the creep factor I had in the place. And I should mention we were all potheads. Not saying that influenced it, but I cannot be sure.

This is the least haunted event I have experienced. I never saw anything. Never experienced anything directly other than dreams and dreams are weird. I rationalized most of it. So being a skeptic it never really phased me, it was just a fun story. And I have always been on the cusp of believing in ghosts. It appealed to me but I couldn’t quite let myself believe.

My aunt’s haunted house streak

Now I had an aunt that moved into a series of haunted places. She would dream of a house… like you would with someone showing you it to sell it. She would find that house in reality and would move in. And they were always haunted. The one I remember the most is where at night I would smell fire smoke. And I smoked young and I would panic and turn on the lights and try to see if there was a smoke not put out, even though I was sharing the youngest’s room and no way I smoked in there. It was just an overpowering smell. My aunt experienced people talking. Cups moving up and then down the counter. Her youngest talked about ‘the twins’. And it turned out two teens had died on a property fire that her house and the next door house were built on. Sometimes they would hear the sound of glass breaking in both houses and nothing was broken. Just saying, it was hard to doubt all the things she experienced in that place.

My electronics issue

I never experienced anything until I moved into my own homes. But in one house I had that someone yelling your name all the time. Even awake. Even walking home. And I had this think that electronics around me would stop working for no reason. Went through an alarm clock every six months. I learned to rotate them. They were not broken… I just needed to give them a rest far from me and then use them again. Happened with my stereos as well. One I gave away and said it was broken, but it worked fine for them. That happened until I was a Freshman. Where I warned my roommate about my alarm clock issues. And one day both our alarms broke at the same time. I always thought this had to do with this thing my grandmother and I have, which is a real phenomenon, that you cannot wear windup watches without them stopping. Something to do with electromagnetic energy. But that didn’t make sense for things feet away from me. Eventually, I started using two alarm clocks. One by my head and the backup across the room. It stopped happening though after I moved into my first place, which was the eightplex.

So who even knows about strange things, eh? I looked up my electronic issue when Google existed because apparently, some people go through computer monitors like I did clocks and radios. So there is something real going on there.

Next installment: The haunted blue house- the next creepiest ghost story I have

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