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Blogtober: What to do about writer’s block

I can tell you what I personally do. I do a read through from the beginning of my work or an entirely different WIP and it usually gets me going again. And that is what I do. It is more stuck than a block, I’d say

Blogtober Writer's block

But there are many ways to get around the block aside from walking

  • Prompts: pick weird prompts from Pinterest and write flash fiction
  • Drink 5 glasses of wine or 14 beers and just sort of do some ramble writing
  • Do some meditation. I have to say every time I meditate my brain doesn’t shut up and there stirs creativity
  • Yoga. Just because.
  • Exercise to just feel the pain. And pain will make you want to punish your characters. A lot.
  • Eat a lot of kale. Because then you would rather do anything other than eat kale and hit that keyboard
  • Ramble write. So just start writing. About that whole kale experience. About how the yoga isn’t made for humans. What sandwich you just ate. It is just brainstorming. Then turn to your WIP and just write ideas. Kill a character? Alien invasion? A massive plague?
  • Do dialogue between characters. Make it super witty. And then you will have some ideas on where to go with your characters.
  • Smoke pot (legal in Canada by the way) and then brainstorm. Hell, brainstorm with everyone. Tell everyone your plot. And giggle a lot. Then get down to business when you just have a mellow buzz
  • Try staring at a blank wall for several minutes until your brain kicks in
  • Read instead because that activates the imaginations sectors of the brain ball which will then make you able to boost your imagination and bypass the block. This is neuroscience, man.
  • Drink so much caffeine you get the shakes. Trust me your mind will be on fire!

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