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Blogtober: How to be your authentic self

So I was procrastinating on writing, like I tend to do, and came across an article (that I would quote by it has been sucked into the vortex of Facebook) about how our society praises finding that one job you are passionate about. And not in diversifying interests. So if you have a lot of hobbies and interests you pursue you feel ‘lost’ because you have not found your ‘passion’ and true calling.

And I think screw anyone that suggest there is One True Thing you should have a passion for. And I think, hey, be your authentic self. Because as far as I know, we don’t really have anyone else to be.

Blogtober: How to be your authentic self

So how do you just be you without this endless quest for the True Thing out there for you?

I recommend a few things.

  1. Take a personality test and then go ‘ah, that is so Me’ and then be that me that you are so. This will be authentically you because you took the test.
  2. Engage in a fandom. Or several fandoms. Be obsessed with a fandom. Or just flit around fandoms that appeal to you. I may not be in any fandom, but I damn well will tell you Marvel is better than DC. Because it is true. And I did collect comics up until I was 18, then I just became a poor student who could only afford macaroni with just the butter or just the milk (spoiler: Just the milk is better).
  3. Read. A lot. Non-fiction. Fiction. Delve into other realities.
  4. Engage in your hobbies. Our hobbies are things we Do in fact have a passion for. And having that passion is healthy to engage in. Unless your hobby is collecting just doll heads. In which case, that is weird, man.
  5. Be weird. Normal is overrated and actually doesn’t even exist. So be weird. And when society says ‘not like that’ be weirder. I just realized I said that person who collects just doll heads should be weirder. Well. That backfired.
  6. Look for meaning in life by engaging in it. Meaning actually doesn’t exist in life. It is just work till you are dead. But look for meaning. And realize there isn’t any. I am now having an existential crisis so let’s move on.
  7. When someone tells you, you shouldn’t be So into something. Tell them they Should be so into something. We all should be into something.
  8. When someone tells you have no grand all-encompassing purpose in your life… say, that is how I roll, man. There is no grand purpose to life. It is just to live your life.
  9. Have you tried yoga and eating kale? That is the best path to finding your authentic self. Just kidding. It is bacon.
  10. Have multiple ‘purposes’ and interests and hobbies and skills.
  11. And truly to be your authentic self you have to not apologize for it. You have to immerse yourself into it. Be it. And screw what people think about it.
  12. But do Not be your authentic self if you work in customer service. At work, be that really weird polite, fake smile person you need to be to exist through the hellish day of people complaining about insignificant things that you have no control over.

Remember to authentically do everything. Authentically drink your tea. Authentically hang up on a telemarketer. Authentically be one of those people who goes bonkers on Christmas decorations or Halloween ones, since that is coming up. Authentically take a nap.

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