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Blogtober: Happy Cannabis Day Canada

I am Canadian and yesterday was the first day of pot legalization. YAY! From a former pothead, this is good news for a lot of people. And it does regulate it, make money off of it, and takes money out of criminals pocket. Pot always helped with my pervasive insomnia and fibromyalgia but the fact it was illegal and could get me fired if I was charged with anything stopped me when I entered the workforce.

I cannot partake myself since my doctor says I am on too many meds. I wanted to. For chronic pain. And nausea. Just to give it a go. But such is life. Maybe at another time when the vertigo goes away if that happens

Cannabis legal

Things I like

  • Fact people will no longer be charged for just possession
  • Fact they are working on getting rid of those possession charges in the past which will help some people I know
  • Fact it will be easier to access if you have chronic conditions and want to try that treatment
  • The fact we are regulating a substance and making it less likely anyone would get it illegally
  • Quality control- no risk of contaminated product with other drugs


Things I don’t like

  1. I don’t get to try it for pain and nausea
  2. The age of legalization is 18. The human brain doesn’t finish growing until age 25 and studies have shown that can have a cognitive effect on those who smoke without mature brains, but I guess it might not for everyone or like all things moderation is the

Ironically I was a pothead when I was 18-20. Soooo maybe that is why I am so absentminded, eh?

Remember moderation in all forms. Or you will eat one too many edible and call 911 saying you think you are dead.

Obviously, this is a profound change no matter how you look at it. Police monitoring and pot regulations for every city. And, of course, the adjustments to all those plans later

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4 thoughts on “Blogtober: Happy Cannabis Day Canada”

  1. I agree legalization just makes sense. We “legalized it” in California but our federal government still says it’s illegal so it’s this big legal limbo since the Feds don’t have enough cops to enforce their law now, but employers can still fire people because of the federal law. And medicinal research is stunted because of the federal law. But, less money for criminals/gangs/cartels seems like a really good thing, so does tax revenue for the state, and so does preventing racially motivated enforcement of drug laws (a problem at least in the USA–marijuana can make you a felon and unable to vote if you’re African American, but likely get you a warning or a small monetary fine if you’re white. Very wrong). So I hope we follow suit with Canada on this because the pros of legalization seem to vastly outweigh the cons. Hope your vertigo improves to the point you’re able to try it again.

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  2. HAPPY LEGALISATION, CANADA! I’ve never been into pot but hearing the benefit it has to so many people, not to mention the rot caused in society from it being illegal (drug trades, trafficking, violence), I think that legalisation could completely revolutionise things. I said 13 years ago (when I was in college and this question was asked) that it should be legalised. I hope Canada do a good job from here to set a positive example of the benefit of legalising it so that other countries may follow suit.x

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