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Blogtober: Self-publishing mistakes you’ve made

This is a post about self-publishing. And how you have to be great at every aspect of the production. And there is a learning curve to all of it.

My self-publishing mistake, in the beginning, was my cover design.

So I make my own covers. And I have learned a lot while doing so. Believe me, I’d get them done professionally if I had money but being disabled doesn’t pay. However, once I figure out this marketing thing, maybe I can pull in money from writing.

Self-publishing mistakes you've made

And so here is an embarrassing post on my covers for The Haven Series

Attempt #1

Do not laugh. I mean it, stop laughing! You, in the back. I can still hear you snickering. And no I sold no books. Also my pen name wasn’t good, so that needed to be changed.

So this is before I broke my series up for easier reading in print via a fan’s request.

So these two covers represent four books now.

Attempt #2

And this could have been actually decent if I modified it just a wee bit and chose better colours and a better template to make the title stand out. And this was in my name not pen name, but this got rapidly confusing with my health-related stuff in my name.

Attempt #3

All drugged up Lil Hamilton

You know I liked the image but I still wasn’t utilizing good style for presentation of the title. Also, most importantly, the other book cover (which I no longer have) looked not even close to this style. So hard to see it as a series at all.

Attempt #4 The Present state of affairs

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And what we have now. I do not think they are bad. I know they could be better. But, damn, sure better than they Were. Am I right? And I will improve over time and get better.

So you get better over time. You find the right images for what you want to do. You find the right programs that work for you. You learn a bit about the presentation. It gets better.

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