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Blogtober: Thursday teaser

Thursday Teaser The Surge book

So I got this Blogtober topic from a meme. So this is a teaser from The Surge.


Here is a wee teaser on The Surge:


Lyndon was a hybrid Order wizard with a demon of an unknown realm. He never told her what realm his mother came from and she never asked. He looked utterly human and didn’t really match up to a prana wizard either. He was never clean shaven with mahogany scruff on the face and rarely tamed hair, always a little scruffy and far too casual. The only thing that marked him was his eyes. His eyes were solid metallic silver and the iris itself was larger than a human’s. Hybrids could be born null or with mixed abilities from both sides. Like most hybrids, he had tattoos covering the arms she could see, and she knew on his torso as well.

He also had not changed in the last ten years. Vie suspected he might live for a longer lifespan then. That also varied widely with hybrids; from early deaths due to complications to vastly extended lifespans.

He didn’t speak at first as he led her back the way he came and then down a side tunnel. She suspected he was collecting his thoughts to broach the mission.

“Why did you leave?” he asked finally.

She inadvertently sighed. She meant to keep that sigh internal. However, she had hoped he would leave the past in the past.

“It was time.”

“Without a word? Without a goodbye?” He flicked her a look holding its fair share of bitterness and resentment.

She tried her damnedest to not make connections. To never stay in one place long. The resistance was useful to her so she had in the past spent more time among them than anyone. Sometimes staying with one of their units longer than her usual inclination. It led to complications. He was a complication. She wasn’t averse to having lovers as long as they understood she didn’t do commitment and not to try to convince her otherwise. Lyndon didn’t want commitment, he demanded it. Not so much with words, but actions. He was possessive and the sort of man that claimed a woman as his. She blamed his hybrid nature. There was something very primal about his nature; sensual and demanding, which she had thoroughly enjoyed, but then very possessive. She couldn’t be owned. Loved. Or committed to. Even if she desired it.

“It was better that way. No point talking about it. It was time to move on,” she said.

“I see,” he said sharply. “I wonder at times if it is the paranoia and self-isolation kicking in early with you or you just have so much self-loathing you can’t stand to have people around you.”

She grinned. “Self-preservation,” she said honestly, but he wouldn’t know what she meant.

“People, even people who don’t like people, need people.”

“Even that sentence has too many people in it for me, Lyndon.”

He made a disparaging grunt of disapproval. “In here. I think you will see the problem we have when you see what we have in this containment room.”

She raised a brow at that. They had cells? She walked into the open doorway into a carved out square room and saw how they managed it. Half the room was secured with a thick physical shield. So thick it looked a little distorted to even see through it. They had carved the runes into the rock itself and they were lit with bright luminescence. It looked like they were designed to light up. She suspected so they would indicate when the spell needed to be recharged. She also suspected all three magics were combined in its structure.

“He can’t see us until we touch the containment shield.”

Vie looked at the occupant and sucked in a sharp breath. “Fuck.”

She didn’t know him but she knew his race. He was about six foot six with strong sinewy muscle. His skin was a sort of pale navy blue colour and he had thick black hair in loose dreadlocks painted vibrant red. It was a sort of caked on paint, so it didn’t cover all his hair. That wasn’t unusual. They often dyed strands of their hair vibrant colours. Each colour had meaning. The dyes were wash out. Red wasn’t a good sign. He was the last species she expected to see in her world. She had warned them. Adamantly warned them.

Vie rubbed her forehead and sighed. The occupant of the cell paced closer to the shield and looked directly at her, but not focusing on her. His eyes searched like he knew she was there. He would. They were tuned to chaos energy.

*The end of Sample*



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