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Blogtober: The fine art of blogging

I blog. I blog a lot. Excessively on my other blog. I have two blogs and that should really show my pathology, I mean, my passion. Yes, passion.

There is an art to blogging. A fine art. A craft really. An unpaid skill. I do many things well, unfortunately, none of them pay. Hahahahaaha *gently sobbing*

The fine art blogging

Here is what I know about the art of blogging

  1. First, find an interesting topic. And if you can’t do that write a completely nonsensical post that will give people a wee fit of giggles.
  2. Choose a Copywrite free image to use and alter stock image. It doesn’t have to do anything with your post. It can be completely random… but oddly alluring to the reader.
  3. Stay on Point! No rambling because when you ramble the point gets lost somewhere in the mix of the writing process and people do not dig that. I mean, rambling is fun. I do it all the time. But remember only to ramble to hit your word count. *ramble, ramble* I love that word, don’t you? Ramble. I mean, the more you say it the wronger it sounds. Ramble rambly rambler.
  4. Remember always to make headers… because that is literally all people read anyway these days. As you can see I only have one header because I am a rebel like that.
  5. Always use SEO when you are blogging and using the art of blogging tips I have presented. Because with blogging you need to have it found on the internets. And that is one secret of the art of blogging on your blogging blog… have it found.
  6. Pick a title that will incite people to rage because they never read the actual article. And then people in the comments will be like ‘did you even Read it?’
  7. Do a list! Why not. Lists are fun.
  8. Oh, right, also research your topic. Pick the first five Google topics on your subject so that you know for sure it is the best bestest information out there. You are now an expert. Go forth and blog.
  9. Pick a nitch topic. Like knitting onesies for hipsters. Just don’t be too broad or too random. Unless it is an author blog. Then just be as random as humanly possible.
  10. I don’t have the 10th point but I like a good 10 list. 9 is too off. So… something, something, something and go forth and blog about it.
  11. Also, read The Art of Blogging – great now I have 11 points. Should have stopped at 10. My bad.

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