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Blogtober: How to sell a book

Blogtober day 5 and I’m still surviving!

Now I do not sell a lot of books. And marketing is harder than writing for me. But I have a pretty clear idea now on how to sell books. And I will share this vast knowledge with you for the price of a like.

Blogtober: How to sell a book

How to sell a book

  1. Write a book
  2. Get a cover made
  3. Self-publish the book
  4. Beg family to read it and review
  5. Beg some more
  6. Keep begging
  7. Do some random marketing stuff
  8. Start drinking
  9. Start ranting about lack of reviews
  10. Drink more
  11. Sell a Book!
  12. …And they didn’t review
  13. Start the whole process over again but adding ads so you lose money instead of make it. That is a whole new plan.
  14. Randomly throw your book at strangers and demand payment
  15. Hold a sign out that says you will ‘work for an honest review’

Places to sell a book

  • Book fairs
  • Online
  • On the street outside your house, heckling people as they pass
  • Outside a bookstore
  • On the side of a main street- make sure to jump in front of cars at a red light and thrust your book into their faces
  • Every family gathering
  • At a bar but wait until the end of the night so people are more inclined to buy random things they may or may not need. But they need your book. Badly.

So there you go. Some tips on how to sell a book and even where to sell it. You’re welcome.

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