Blogtober: What I hate the most most-est

I’m not talking about what you hate. Or hate the most. This is about what you hate the most most-est possible.

Okay, I’m going to come clean with you all. I hate mirrors.

I do not know why. But I really hate them. I endure them in the outside world out of necessity. I do not like going to someone’s house that has mirrors all over the damn place.

I have mirrors in my house in the only place that it is appropriate: The bathrooms. Just for grooming stuff.

What I hate: mirrors

In no way will I ever have a mirror anywhere else in the house.

  1. Have you seen horror movies? Demons come out of mirrors
  2. It may or may not steal your soul
  3. It could lead to backwards world.
  4. Do I even need a point four?

I used to think it was a Feng Shui deal. That they made me uncomfortable because the placement of them was off.

And there are in fact Feng Shui rules for mirrors in your house (If you can tolerate them anywhere except the bathroom. Which is madness)

I am, by no means, a Feng Shui expert. Or novice. Or know anything about it. I can only assume my house is set up for some serious bad luck.

But according to A Feng Shui Expert Would Never Put a Mirror Here—Here’s Why (I literally have no clue if this is a good and accurate source on the subject) These are some rules for mirrors:

Mirror rules

  1. The front door is important. And it is not a good idea to put a mirror facing the front door.
  2. The best room is the dining room (At which I say hell no)
  3. In the kitchen, it creates negative energies, especially if facing the stove.
  4. Make sure it is placed to reflect a beautiful view
  5. In the hall is seen as a positive flow of energy, unless it is the end of the hall
  6. And Not facing your desk, which can increase your workload
  7. In the living room, it can magnify energies and bring people in. But if those people suck (I mean, are negative, then it can double that too.
  8. And not behind furniture you use like a bed or couch. (This would likely creep me out anyway)
  9. If you have insomnia the mirror in the bedroom may be the cause. It sort of doubles trouble or positive things in general. So try putting it somewhere else in the room

My mirror rules

  1. Only in the bathroom
  2. If you catch your eye in a mirror make a funny face
  3. Never linger long in front of it (Or you might end up like Narcissus)
  4. If you feel like it do a little funky dance
  5. In the real world outside the house realm, if you catch yourself in a mirror look away. Unless your butt looks good. Then assess butt and move on.
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