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Blogtober: Things writers think about

Blogtober Day 2. We are on a roll.

I think about things as a writer. A lot of things. And you know maybe it leads to excessive daydreaming, ‘zoning out’, and ‘why aren’t you listening to me?’ But we think so much about the worlds we create it is like they are real. Like they are some alternate reality we are in tune with. And thoughts think themselves. We can’t stop them.

What writers think about


Things writers think about

  1. Not writing. Why am I not writing?
  2. Writing. This is crapola. This is gold. This sucks again.
  3. People reading your work. Will they like it? What if they Hate it? Oh, my god, I suck balls, don’t I?
  4. But then what if No one reads your work. What if we put our heart and soul out there and then nothing, man, nothing.
  5. What if the next book will be horrible compared to the previous book. Ah, yes, fear of success. That first book people really took to it. But what if the next one lets every single person down and they realize I suck balls?
  6. Our insane Imposter Syndrome. I am such a failure. I suck at everything I do. And also every accomplishment is due to external influences. My book? My muse did that.
  7. Not getting reviews. Why don’t people like me?
  8. But what if you get a Lot of reviews and they all suck? Oh, god, I think I shouldn’t have published my book about a talking dog who just wants to eat all the time.
  9. If aliens exist how have they interacted and impacted human civilization? I mean, is every accomplishment we have done aliens? Are they here to harvest our tender organ bits on the alien black market?
  10. Also, if aliens invade maybe it isn’t for our natural resources. Maybe we are the natural resource. Yes, slavery. Slavery that we wouldn’t be able to handle because we are more the sit and watch TV sorts rather than the build a pyramid sorts.
  11. How much caffeine is too much caffeine? Trick thought that one. I can tell you right now all the caffeine is the best for writing. All of it. All the caffeine.
  12. Why can’t I sleep? Aside from the massive amount of caffeine…there surely is another reason.
  13. Why didn’t I write down that brilliant idea I had as I was being lulled into the tender embrace of sleep? Or that wicked dream I had that I am sure would have been the best novel ever. Like the bestest best.
  14. How come when I buy a thousand pens I can never find a pen? Where do all the pens go? Are they sucked into a vortex leading to some pen polluted universe?
  15. Why is it I cannot resist an empty notebook but then when I write in it I feel I wrecked it. And therefore need to buy one thousand pristine notebooks.
  16. Why have I been staring at nothing for several hours?
  17. How can I fit all my books on six bookshelves? Two stack them? Three stack them where they are one layer, one layer on top of that layer, and then a layer in front so you cannot even see the damn back layer. Also, how much can a shelf hold before it collapses?
  18. If I were to take over the entire world and become a benevolent dictator would the world be better for it… or significantly worse? But, I will tell you this, it Would have mandatory nap time.
  19. I wrote a book. And I love it. I love it, love it. It is pure awesomeness. BUT is it marketable? Damn it.
  20. How do I market my work when I am so insecure mentioning my books makes me feel awkward and nervous. And pushy. And I hate being pushy.
  21. How can I afford an editor when I make sub-zero money?
  22.  I shall edit myself! And that wasn’t a good idea.
  23. How do you self-publish when you are poor? I need an editor, a book cover designer, and money for marketing adds. I have -1100 in my bank account.
  24. If mythical creatures existed now would we a) put them in concentration camps, b)register and monitor them with GPS tattoos, or try to kill them all off because they are different. Or all of the above?
  25. If I had a psychic power what would it be? Reading minds? Oh Hell No. I know what goes around in my mind and I do Not need to know that about other people.
  26. What the actual hell are a query and a synopsis and why can’t I write a decent one? Agents will hate and loathe it so much they won’t even read my sample.

Okay, a lot of thoughts. A lot of randomnesses. This is just a peak. I mean we have some crazy thoughts rolling around in our brains. Like how long does it take a body to decompose? Or if I stabbed someone in the gut how long would it take for them to die. Or if a zombie came back from the grave would it still have its human consciousness, as well as the raving hunger for brains of course.

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