Blogtober: things that make me happy

I was thinking of doing Blogtober even though with my illness it is pretty difficult to blog every day. I want to try. It is blogging all the days in October. I thought it would be fun prep for NaNoWriMo

Things that make me happy

So today’s topic is List Things That Make You Happy

I know, we all have a tendency to remember all the horrible things that do not make us happy. It is our stupid brain focusing on those things because they ‘help us with survival’. But they do not help us remember all the cool things that give us a joy buzz.

So the list of warm fuzzies:

  1. A Slurpee on a hot day
  2. A nice cup of tea and a cool Autumn day
  3. The first snowfall of the year
  4. When I have had the urge to sneeze all day and finally sneeze
  5. Sleeping in is always my happy place
  6. A good snuggle with one of my cats. Especially if they let me smooth their head.
  7. My sense of humour makes me happy. I can laugh and laugh and laugh
  8. Also, my laugh makes me happy. It is a distinctive giggle and people will come out of the woodwork when they hear it knowing it is me. I call it a feminine chuckle because I am adverse to the word ‘giggle’.
  9. My spouse makes me happy because my goofy sense of humour has spread to him like an infection.
  10. Watching the newest Marvel moving makes me happy.
  11. Blogging makes me quite happy. I love doing it. I have two because then I can love it twice as much. My other one is Brainless Blogger and is all about chronic illness and chronic pain, which rather do not make me happy.
  12. Writing makes me immensely joyful. That first twinge of inspiration. The outpouring of creativity. The refining of the story in the next draft and the meticulous editing process.
  13. People who leave reviews on my books make me really happy. It is rare. And I treasure every response I get. I do a happy jig too.
  14. Creating content for my Pages makes me happy. It is just another form of creativity and expression I enjoy
  15. My depression medication doesn’t Make me happy, but I sure can have happiness with it.
  16. Going for coffee with my mom makes me happy
  17. Developing a mutant superpower other than an extremely high pain tolerance would totally make me happy. As long as it wasn’t like really obscure and weird. I mean I don’t want to look like a frog with a super long sticky tongue. Not cool. Not cool at all.
  18. Children and their infinite sense of joy make me happy, as long as they are not mine.
  19. Puppies. Who the hell isn’t happy snuggling a puppy?
  20. An awesome thunderstorm. Pouring rain. Booms of thunder that rattle the house. Flashes of lightning across the entire sky. I love it. And my cat Charlie does too… that cat has no fear, man, no fear.
  21. Also because I am mean when someone tailgates me I slow down just to inch up their frustration of not being able to get where they are going two minutes faster. Bwahahahahahaha
  22. I loathe winter but I love a nice hot latte when it is cold

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