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Progress report: Sorcery

Progress report-sorcery novel

My progress report on my novel Sorcery (holder title) is that it is moving along swiftly.

As you go along with a work you get a real sense of the world you are writing in. While I had a basic plot for this one, all those details about the world have got to the right point. I can vividly see this world now. I know it well. Even to the point of envisioning problems and obstacles beyond this book plot-wise. You just get absorbed into the world.

Anyway, that pushed the plot along when I crystalized the world in my mind. So I am actually right at the culmination point for the main plot. The chapter I working on right now is more of a necessary closure of a plot point before the main plot closure event.

I am not too sure about the ending though. The main end, yes. But there is some intent in the main protagonists to eradicate a fundamental problem. How I want to play that out is yet to be determined. I have visualized both scenarios and both are emotionally satisfying to me. Just a matter of whether I want to leave that plot thread open or completely close it off. A character can’t always get all the resolution they want or need in a given situation. So I am inclined to not go for full closure on that thread. We do not always get full resolution in life. Sometimes we just get what we can.

It shouldn’t take much longer to finish it off, actually. Then set it aside to ‘sit’ and I’ll edit my previous novel, which has been sitting since I have been writing. I always set them aside to just give me more perspective when I do the second draft.

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