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How to find that thing I lost

I lost my wallet in the house. Which immediately made me think I lost it outside of the house. And then, of course, thinking I had to order new cards and watch for unusual activity. But I had to check the house first. Because I excel in losing things.

How to find that thing I lost

And I knew just how to find it.

Here are the steps to finding something you have lost:

  1. First, look in the place it should be (On the counter is where my wallet usually is)
  2. Then look in the places it could conceivably be (Okay, maybe I left in the dresser, or the living room table)
  3. Then look in all the places there is no way it could be (better check under the bed, and behind the TV, and definitely check out the fridge, check your clothes drawers… just because, check the car, check the lawnmower, and the stove.)
  4. Then look at the places it could conceivably one more time, just in case. Repeat as many times as this makes sense.
  5. Text your significant other to ask if he had seen it (He says to look in the clothes I wore that day in the hamper)
  6. Look in the pockets of the clothes I wore: And Eureka it is found.

Brain fog

I also lose my glasses on a regular basis. And I have found them under the bed. I suspect witchcraft or my cats. Also always make sure when you look for your glasses that they are not in fact already on your face. If you lose your smartphone always remember you can call it to find it. With your smartphone. That you lost.

The one thing I have never been able to find is my mind. I lost that years ago and no matter how many times I look for it I cannot find it. Not even under the bed.

If you are the sort of person that loses things all the time you might also be:

  • The sort of person whose smartphone is Always dead or dying.
  • Have a comfortably cluttered house where you insist you know where everything is
  • What it is July? I still thought it was June.
  • Use excessive sticky notes
  • Make lists and then forget you made them or lose the list.
  • Forget what day it is and become vastly disappointed it is Tuesday and not Friday


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