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Book Review: Grave Yard Shift

Book review-Grave Yard Shift

Grave Yard Shift is by Michael F. Haspil

The basics of the story

What we have here is a gritty urban fantasy. My favorite sub-genre lately. Alex Menkaure, the mummy, and his vampire associate Marcus are partners. They encounter a case with poisoned synthetic blood. The blood makes any vampire who tries it enraged with bloodthirst. I won’t tell you any more or that would ruin it for you. But these two characters work preternatural crimes.

Why I bought the book

I have never heard of this author. But I like to try new author to get addicted to, because I read so much that I go though a lot of top notch series and then am digging around for something else. I found this one on the blurb. The blurb on the book caught my attention. Mummy? Vampire? I am so there to read that story.

What I liked about it

The worldbuilding is interesting. It does have vampires. It does have werewolves/shapeshifters. But those vampires do not glitter and they are very organized. And those shapeshifters can do some hefty damage. It makes for a lot of realism in the world. The detective dynamic is well set up. There are these intriguing hits about the characters history. I enjoyed this read and burned through the book fast. And the plot kept me interested.

What I didn’t like about the book

I actually quite enjoyed this book. The author has a good flow in there and solid plot designs. By the end I wanted more of this world and to know more about these character’s pasts. So I can’t say there was anything about this book that didn’t keep my interest.

My Goodreads rating of it is 5 out 5.

I would recommend it and I would read the next one as well.


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