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White Witch: Haven book 1

I have changed the price of White Witch, the first book in my Haven series to 99 cents US for a short period of time. I am actually contemplating making it ever free, as the first taste of the series.

White Witch by Lil Hamilton


I have also changed the blub, but I have no idea if it is better than the previous blurb. We shall see. This should be updated soon.

“Raylien is a fae/demon hybrid trying to exist in the tension of her service for the Faerie Queen and her demon family. She was assigned the position of fae ambassador for the region but if the Queen finds out her loyalties are split both Ray and her fae mother will suffer the consequences. That tension increases when she accepts a mission from her brother to find a witch her cousin mated. She has to work on the down-low so the Queen does not find out she is in contact with her family. A feat that becomes exceedingly difficult when she finds out her demon father has become fixated on the idea of setting her up with a mate and even sent a potential mate for her to consider. The mission to find the witch quickly becomes complex when the suspects increase. More have cropped up missing in the city and Ray begins to wonder if they are all connected.”

Where Art Thou? Will be at $2.99 once Amazon updates it. I am sort of staggering the prices. Except for paperback which remains at $9.99 for now.


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