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So I set up a newsletter. Apparently, this is something I should have done long ago on my writing blog here. The more you know, eh? It isn’t going to be a frequent one. I am aiming for once a month.

You will learn such things as:

  • Promotions
  • New cover designs
  • New releases
  • What my cats did
  • Book progress
  • That thing I did
  • That thing I didn’t do
  • That thing I want to do
  • Things
  • Other equally interesting things
  • My plot to take over the world
  • How to make a robot (spoiler: you need a vast amount of duct tape)


I know what you are thinking. Yes, yes it is awesome.

The subscribe is on a pop-up form. Because that worked. I do want to set it up just on the sidebar, but for now it is what it is.

You might also have noticed I went back to a wordpress domain. That is simply because the other domain wasn’t under my pen name. So for now, that is my domain.

Possible new domain names:



Other awesomeness:

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