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Look what I found…


I found some old images I made for my very first website. This was back in the day so I made it from HTML


Brings me back. To compete designing and using drawings for buttons. It was fun. Ran that site for a few years until I moved to templates on Blogger and WordPress. So this was a long time ago. I apparently hoard a lot of old things on my computer.


4 thoughts on “Look what I found…”

  1. I love finding old things like this – they look pretty cool! I still remember finding old Word documents and Powerpoint templates for various bits and bobs with Word Art and Clip Art! 🙂

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    1. I drew these and scanned them and then made them transparent background. I also designed the whole site… in HTML. I was proud of that webpage.


      1. That’s impressive! I remember when I was 12 or 13 and we first got a computer with dial up internet (hugely frustrating and a world away from the Internet we have today!) I designed a HTML website as a fan site for Lord Of The Rings! One of my embarrassing periods of my life but I was proud too. Strangely enough, my tech ‘expertise’ has dwindled considerably since then!! xx

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