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Interview: self to that other self

Who better to interview me but me. Going with that theory here is this interview. It occurred on a windy and stormy night. A product of some fine sleep deprivation.

Interview-self to that other self

When did you start writing stories?

Good question. And I would answer it if I remembered a thing about my childhood. But I remember my first novel at 12. One hundred pages long.


Why do you write?

Good question. The fame. The gory. The poverty.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

Good question. Sleep deprivation. Also hallucinations.


What would you do if you became famous?

Good question. Become a hermit and hide. Stop looking at me!

Interview with self


If I asked you to describe one of your books, what would you say?

*incoherent rambling*


What do you do when you get writer’s block?

Good question. Kill someone. In my book… of course.


Do you publish all your novels?

Good question and of course not. Some are crap. Some are not in the least bit marketable… in that they are experimental and wouldn’t appeal to very many people.


What sort of books do you read?

Good question. Fantasy fiction and odd ball non-fiction.


Why didn’t you do that thing you said you were going to do?

Weirdly vague question, but I’ll tell you. I have finely honed the skill of procrastination. And then forgetting I was supposed to do it.


What have you spent the Hundreds of pennies you have earned on your awesome books?

Good question. I bought a bottle of diet coke. It is an addiction.


IF you could do anything in the world right now… what would it be?

Sleep solidly for eight uninterrupted hours.


Are you, right this minute, having a sleep deprivation hallucination?

Of course not. I am having a migraine olfactory hallucination I smell sulfur. Or its a demon. Yeah, it is likely a demon.


Maybe you should be sleeping

Maybe you should shut your face.



So I think that went well. Good questions. An abundance of truthy like things.


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5 thoughts on “Interview: self to that other self”

  1. LOL! I love that. Sounds like me talking to me. And it just so happens, I have had a sleep deprived night and I’m thinking, researching serial killers for your poetry is a good thing to do today…

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