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Writing with Music

This isn’t a post about writing music but rather writing music. The tunes you play while writing. I can actually write music sheets. It wouldn’t be music per se, but I know my notes. Actually, I suck at playing the piano. So producing music? Not for me. Writing with some awesome tunes playing? More my thing.

I listen to a lot of tunes when I am writing. And there is a playlist for every mood I have and tone I put into my writing.

I have no particular taste in music as long as it isn’t country music. I draw the line there. But I have a bit of everything else. My main playlist has so much weirdness in it that it is perfect for everyday writing.  From Awolnation to the Lumineers.

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.-1

Here are some of the tunes I write with

Pink Floyd: The wall

This will be an epic scene. Legendary.

My 80’s Playlist

Something sad is about to happen. I only have sad music in that playlist. Like Total Ecplise of the Heart. That sort of sad. Puts me in the mood for tragic happenings.

90’s Alternative Playlist

I am in a good writing groove. I am in the ‘flow’ and want to listen to awesome tunes.

Green Day or Muse

Getting in the mood to kill a character. And need some good tunes to get me into the mood.

Heavy metal Playlist

Epic battle time!


Music I am currently listening to:

Thirty Seconds to Mars’ album America. I haven’t listened to them in the past but I was on a music buying spree and they caught my attention. So I will play it until it becomes commonplace and then add it to my repertoire.

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