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Why I write

Why I write

There are many valid reasons for becoming a writer.

  • The fame
  • The glory
  • The big bucks

And all three of those are lies. All of them don’t involve money. I feel like starving helps with my art.

Here are some reasons I am a writer:

  • The stories in my head will slowly drive me mad until I write them down.
  • I’m a reader and when I read I think of the perfect ending to that book… that the author doesn’t take. It would have been tragic and beautiful. But no. Happy ending.
  • I read so much that stories just manifest in my brain ready to go.
  • I dream fantasy fiction and it inspires me to write that world
  • I daydream about stories and I flesh them out, they need to be written.
  • Pure escapism, man.
  • I need money, but I am not in it for the money, because marketing is hard and time-consuming.
  • I’m actually in it for me. All the wonderful worlds and characters I create. I am driven to write about them. If people like it? Warm fuzzies. I lot it when people also love the world I created. But it starts with me, just writing what I am driven to write.
  • I think fantastical things. I create worlds. And characters and plots. My brain wants to explore them.
  • I write because it is like a compulsion. I can’t stop. I am addicted to it.

We all have our reasons for becoming a writer. But I wonder if any of them or really true. It is more like writing became me. It just happened at a young age that I had these stories floating around my head. And I wanted to get them out and grow them. I was compelled to become a writer.

I started writing when I was 12. I remember it well. Made a novel of 100 pages. Typed on a word processor. No fame. No glory. No big bucks. Just me and my imagination. It likely sucked. But not to me, man, not to me.


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