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Be a Patron

Be a Patron

I have added a Patreon profile to my account for anyone who wants to help support my blogging and writing.

Patreon what perks do you get

If you become a Patron it does come with perks.

There are the ones I am offering at the moment:

I thought for some time on this. What sort of perks can a writer offer? I was thinking of offering the perk of dying in one of my books, but that seemed grim, eh? Little grim. So I will start off with some perks and if they go well I will keep them.

Apprentice: Early access to blog posts on my writer blog, The Hermit. If you want to ask me a question, any question at all, I will answer it on my blog in the Patreon only section.

Master class: Level 1 plus Access to extra writing from poems to essays in the Patreon only section. As well as access to novel and novelette drafts that have not been published, yet.

Adept level: Level 1 and 2 Plus An acknowledgment in my book. And a signed copy of any of my books in the Haven series or the newest book out.

My sincerest thanks to any contributors. Thank you so much for supporting my writing and blogging adventures!



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