‘Cocky’ and all the words I want to own

'Cocky' Trademark and all the words I want to own

Faleena Hopkins, who I have never heard of, is a romance writer. A real cocky romance writer who has decided it is in her best interests to Trademark the word ‘Cocky’. And then is allegedly demanding other romance writers with the word in their titles change them or she will sue. Read all about #cockygate here. It is very odd. A lesson in how to tick off the entire writer community in your genre. I’ll just put it under ‘things writer’s shouldn’t do.’ But if you do, I guess you just have to deal with the backlash of that choice.

Did you know Trump tried to Trademark ‘You’re fired‘?

Paris Hilton did Trademark ‘That’s hot‘ and she also made most people never want to use that phrase. Or just me?

Nearly Every English Word Is Trademarked points out that people Do in fact Trademark some weird things. A lot of common words.

Ingenious? Or plain nutty?

Things I have a desperate need to now Trademark

  • The
  • Of course
  • Pickles
  • Badonkadonks
  • Snickerdoodle
  • My name. My author name. My spouse’s name. My cat’s names. 
  • ALL THE WORDS. I want them all. All my words.
  • The hermit. Then I will be the Only ‘The Hermit’. You can be ‘a’ hermit, but not The hermit.
  • ‘You’re a real treasure’. In mocking sarcasm voice. It is fine if you say it seriously. But if you say it to mock, it is all mine.
  • The word ‘cocky’ in every other context other than romance novels.
  • ‘The Cocky Wizard’

Likely they are already taken. Damn it.


The news on #cockygate

Cocky trademark


This has given me a grand idea.

I’ll be Trademarking these in regards to fantasy fiction

  • Elf
  • Vampire
  • Magic
  • Werewolf
  • Fae
  • Wizard
  • Mage

I insist they are all part of my brand. And therefore I have to protect myself from anyone else trying to ‘dilute’ my brand. Because other fantasy fiction writers will get a real kick out of me doing this. I bet they will just be tickled about it.

Imagine all the suing I will do! It will be a total sue-fest. ‘Suefest’ Trademark pending.


I present to you some cocky books to promote, read, and review:

Previously called Cocky Fiance.

I believe the book by Jamila Jasper’s ‘Cocky Cowboy’ was taken down, to avoid any repercussions, so here is another by here if you enjoy cowboys.

And this was Cocky Nerd, but is now Sexy Nerd

I will also show this lovely 1 Star review she got:

Every book is titled Cocky Senator, or Cocky Director…she now has 16 published and a very established fan base on those books. I know the author’s name their own books..but it doesn’t look good when you can’t be unique.
So go forth and read some cocky romance reads and make sure to review!

2 thoughts on “‘Cocky’ and all the words I want to own”

  1. Great article! I am sadden and sicken by this writers action. But, happy to hear that karma got her in the end. One of the things I have cherished about writing is that most writers support one another.

    Liked by 1 person

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