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Writing: What pets to put into your fantasy

Writing what pets to put into your fantasy fiction
I have written books with pets before. And it is a great concept. I love my pets in the ‘real world’ so of course, it makes sense some characters would have a pet they adore in their world. In your writing have you considered putting a pet into your fantasy fiction?

Here are some pet ideas for you to consider for your fantasy work:

A baby dragon

Mostly for the cute factor. But dragons grow up. And become magnificent beasts! We need more dragons in our fantasy fiction. Even teeny tiny dragons that can sit on your shoulder. More of those too.

A cat that can talk

Let’s be honest, we all want to know what cats think and so make them talk. Make it a demon stuffed into a cat body! Make it a cat shapeshifter stuck into a tiny cat’s body. Extra points if the cat is slightly obese.

Two dragons!

You know what is better than a baby dragon? Two dragons! One for your protagonist and one for his or her faithful companion *Cough. Sidekick. Cough*.

A faithful dog

Because dogs are faithful and loyal beyond measure. So when the world beats your protagonist down, at least he or she has Sparky. Bonus points if the Dog has some bizarre ability. Sniffing out vampires or shapeshifters? Sure. Can sniff through illusions and warn you? Hell, yeah. Warns you of imminent magical attack? Why not.

Three dragons!

Oh, yeah. Three magnificent beasts. Name one Fluffy.

A fairy creature

A worthy sidekick if I ever heard of one. Also perhaps mischevious and troublesome. But worth it! Have them steal random shiny objects from the people around them.

A herd of dragons!

They are multiplying! How will we manage all these dragons! We need more sheep!


So there you go. Some pets for your fantasy fiction. If you have a hermit, introverted character, though, maybe go with a fish. Nice fish tank in the background that he or she feeds regularly. Until they have a quest and then sadly the fish dies.

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