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Free book promo on White Witch

I am running a FREE ebook promo right now on Book 1 of the Haven series, White Witch. It will run for the next four days. I do this once in a while in hopes of getting reviews and readers. No idea if it works. But still, occasionally it is a good idea. Check it out!


White Witch by Lil Hamilton

White Witch is Book 1 in the fantasy fiction Haven Series.

Raylien is a fae-demon half-breed working for the fae Queen as an Ambassador in Haven. Her demon brother comes to town saying her cousin lost his witch/fae mate, Lily Storm and need help finding her. How hard could that be? Except that is a fake fae name. And she has to keep working for her kin a secret. Along with the fact, her father has become fixated on the idea of landing her a demon mate and sent one along to see if she is mate compatible. If the Queen finds out she will be suddenly not compatible with living. Not to mention a lot of nymphs have also gone missing and she is beginning to suspect slavers are in town again.


Amazon Reviews:

Five Stars “You should check this baby out. Sometimes can be get complicated, but it is the start of a whole new series. Plus it’s got a twist you won’t see coming.”

Five Stars “I absolutely loved this book! Whereas most authors borrow or tinker with existing mythology, the visionary who created this work of art literally created her own rich, infinitely complex mythology, which she teased the reader by revealing a little at a time. She not only created entire worlds/dimensions with their own accompanying rules of physics that differ from our own, she created a rich and fascinating assortment of creatures–some reimagined takes on existing folklore staples such as vampires, pixies, dryads, witches and demons, but others completely new and created from nothing. Seelie fae, Unseelie fae, and a near-infinite variety of half breeds with interesting and surprising traits!

I did not feel bogged down by the rich backstory and mythologies, however. Several smart and suspenseful plot arcs weaved together to form a compelling narrative. I felt such empathy with the heroine, Ray, and her friends, who were hilarious, witty, and relatable, and such hatred and disgust for the villains. All I can say is this is brilliant and I enjoyed reading White Witch immensely! I do not want to risk any spoilers, but there was a twist I did not see coming and it just made the narrative all the more compelling and the read that much more rewarding. I can’t wait to read the second book in the Haven series, and hope this wonderful series is continued to a logical conclusion (maybe 3-4 books at least?) Well worth the read!!”

So check out this FREE ebook fantasy fiction promotion.



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