I’m an Atheist but…

Atheist and proof of gods existence

I’m an Atheist and I am not fond of organized religion. And just don’t believe in a god of any sort. But I came up with a proof of a gods existence. While trying to sleep. Because that is what insomniacs do. Think weird things. Came up with it a while back but thought I’d share it, because why not?

Many-worlds theory and god or gods

If the many worlds theory is true, then there are worlds with gods, because that is possible. Some sort of superhuman divine entity? Possible. This being the premise that has the main argument against it. Is it Possible? Or Never possible? Assuming you accept the many-worlds theory, of course.

The Many-Worlds interpretation introduced by Hugh Everett in 1957 and currently advocated by David Deutsch and others says that there are a large number of parallel universes with greater or lesser similarity to our own. The ‘neighbouring’ universes are ones which differ from our own only in the position of a few particles. Neighbouring universes can’t be detected directly but the particles in them can have an interference effect on the corresponding particles in our own universe, which explains the strange behaviour of particles in interference experiments and, one day, quantum computers. Overall, reality, (the ‘multiverse’) is non-random and independent of observers. Philosophy Now

Hell, there are worlds with the Greek Patheon.

There are worlds where the god Odin exists.

There are also worlds with no gods.

There are worlds with completely unknown gods.

There are worlds with gods who actually do things on earth. Have an actual impact.

There are worlds where gods are having wars.

In a world with Zeus, for sure, there is one with demi-gods.

Maybe all the after-life places and underworlds are all just other possible worlds. Worlds where when we die we go to those other possible worlds. Other worlds when we die we Do get reincarnated.

And because we really can’t tell a world with gods or without (where they have no obvious impact), this, in fact, could be a world with a god or gods. But it could also be a world without.

Now, I haven’t put any thought into this. It was just one of my can’t sleep insomnia thoughts that travel in odd directions. Random brain fluff. Been a couple decades since I even studied the many-worlds theory in any depth at all. Wasn’t my thing. I like the idea of actual universes outside of ours. A multi-verse. Popping in and out of existence like bubbles. Would that mean a Multi-Massive God to rule all the Gods? Well, as an atheist, I doubt it. But plot fodder, eh?


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