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I’ve decided to show to works on Wattpad. They are old novels I have no intention of publishing but figure they will make fine free reads. I will be publishing chapters weekly on both of them. One is called Soul Dancer and the other Blood Rider. They can be found on the Wattpad profile.

I’ll never self-publish them because my style has changed a great deal since these have been worked up and they were in my more experimental writing stage. You know, when you are playing around with different character concepts? That sort of experimentation.  I do like features of both of them, though. They are, however, not what I write now fantasy-wise.

I was thinking about how difficult it is to create a good social platform for your writing when you are not a very well-known writer. It is odd because my health-related social media is pretty extensive. But my author social media is bare minimum. So I thought why not utilize these novels on an existing platform to get some readers. Not that gathering a following is easy anywhere, but it is an idea. Broaden my exposure. I had material on Wattpad already. Mostly back-burner stories I am working on. Those I have taken down to actually work on them.

Soul Dancer book on wattpad

Soul Dancer

Soul Dancer is straight up fantasy but with a romantically complicated subplot. Created races and world.

Soul Dancer involves the struggle between the ruling class of mages and their magically bred warriors, the Nyxra. When Shakti, a Nyxra assassin, is sent outlands on assignment she discovers her target to have the very same energy scent as her people and questions whether to complete her task. Her instincts tell her the strange, pale Angithic race to be near-pack and therefore allies. However, her Creed masters never completely trust the Nyxra to be loyal to them and have enslaved them with a drug called Atrumis and it is the only treatment for the Madness that afflicts her kind. Her freedom and that of her people depends on a cure for the Madness and allies worthy enough to fight alongside her people. She joins forces with the Angithic in order to survive but with the hopes, she has found just what her people need. Daithi, an Angithic male, struggles to teach Shakti there is more to existence than war and survival. His race is dying out and it very well may be the Nyxra are his people’s salvation as well if they can ever breach the gap between their cultures.

Note to reader: there is some sexual content, love triangle, complications, and explicit sex scenes. (This ended up being a lot more sexually complicated sub-plot despite what I had intended. I may tame it a bit for Wattpad although it is under Mature)

Blood Rider Book on Wattpad

Blood Rider

This novel is a post-apocalyptic vampire novel.

Lee was born in the year of Creation when the last great plague began and the End Days of human civilization. Not that she can remember the old civilization die its last gasp since cannot remember the first eighteen years of her life. A gnawing blankness to her beginning that taunts her, even after a couple centuries. Raised away from other clan vampires, by the United Race Council she cannot even depend on their limited information of what it is to be a vampire and the nature of the demon rider in her. Only Clan vampires can give her the answers she needs. To know if, in fact, she is crazy. A vampire ought to know if they are crazy if only to hide it better from others. Being able to have conversations with the demon rider in her head might be considered crazy.

When bloodthirsty rogues infest the city, Lee will have her chance to answer her own questions about what the rider is, assuming she does not get caught in the cross-fire between clan vampires, the United Council, and Town humans. In exchange for information about the Rider-Host relationship, Lee takes a job for the local Master vampire to hunt down the Maker of the rogue fledglings. Something she must keep on the down low, lest her Council Handler get all riled up she is associating with her kind. However, it seems she bit off more than she can handle when the rogues turn out to be raving bleeders and the information she is seeking draws her further into the clans.



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