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The Chronic Pain Manual

This is my newest book publication. It isn’t under my pen name, as that is for fiction. This is a humor based book about chronic pain.

Do you have pain? Have you had pain so long that you don’t even remember what not pain feels like? I mean is that even a thing? Not feeling pain? Pain level 0? We at the pain manual are not even sure anymore. And this is the Manual for you, my friend. We will go over such topics as how to know you are actually in pain to what not to do on Good Pain days.

The manual was lost to us for years but was recently recovered by me. Unfortunately, only pages of it were and can be released. This is a hypothetical quote from the potentially really real author of the really, real manual: “People like me with illness just need to know what to do. We flounder with random advice. I was told yesterday to drain the black bile from my body! Black bile! I need my black bile to live! Someone needs to write something to guide us in the right direction. So we had step by step instructions on how to do this coping business.” To which the reported response was, “Suck it up, buttercup.”

Well, we did suck it up, Buttercup. And the manual shows us ways to think about pain in Book 1.

You can check it out on Amazon in ebook and print.

I recommend the print book version since that is how I designed it, but readers preference.

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