Iceland: Rough draft change


I have a novel I am working on right now called Iceland. Not Iceland, Iceland… just a working title because it is a very cold country immersed in winter in the setting of the novel. I choose working titles on a whim and never keep them. We just had a nice March blizzard here so still in the mood to write about ice and snow. With words like frigid and the wind ate my face off. And, of course the, I blinked and my eyes froze shut.

I am nearing the rise in action and culmination of the plot. I have it essentially plotted out in my head. I worked out a damn good motivation for my antagonist. That one just popped into my head clear as day one night of epic insomnia. I was struggling with his primary motivation. Just pure racism and hate seemed too simplistic to me. And I got something deeper and more meaningful to the character and his development.

Then I decide, you know the main character’s voice would work a lot better in first person than it is sounding in limited third. It just isn’t coming through as solidly as I want through her unique perspective on the world she finds herself in.

Damn it.

So now the long process of changing that to suit first rather than third. And likely an edit through so the character’s voice properly permeates it.

And a copy of the other version just in case it doesn’t indeed sound right at all. Wouldn’t that just tickle my toes?

I initially thought with the type of book third was more appropriate, since it isn’t urban fantasy which I find lends itself to that rather well. This is more swords&sorcery. But I will follow my intuition on it and see what comes of it.


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