Dream time: Time for some sci-fi

Dream time- time for some sci-fi

Dreams are such a fun time. This was another very long engaged dream between waking up and going back to sleep, which is common with my insomnia.

Dream time

The world I was dreaming about was under pending attack from enemies. There was speculation on when it was going to happen. However, they had some immediate concerns. It was time to choose a new ruler. Their race was long-lived so they could only rule for a set period of time before someone would have to take their place.

The dream splices to an ‘incident’ where two of the potential heirs, that is two sons of the current rulers go up in a spaceship to investigate a nearby planet for potential invaders. What I see in the dream is the spaceship crashing and no one knows why but they suspect enemy interference.

However, the event to choose the next ruler has to go on. The way they do this is that it is ‘technically’ a free for all. It is organized as a massive contest of wit, strategy, and fighting skills. Technically anyone can win. But the rulers have the right to choose from the list of top choices in the final round. Sort of a veto. And typically they choose one of their own heirs. This time around, unfortunately, they have only one living heir and he is rather not inclined to any of the categories or even interested in ruling. So he isn’t expected to get to the top.

The queen is wondering if she can choose him anyway. And screw the rules, to get her son on the throne. Her consort has no decision power in this. Her advisors suggest a better approach. She chooses from the winning circle a new king and to become his consort. If she can pull it off. Then she can have many more children with him with the potential of ruling in the future.

The scene then flashes to our ‘main character’ as in who I am ‘in the head of’. It is a warrior competing in the match. Under the category of intelligence or wit. He is competing against a professor of some sorts who isn’t expected to attain any other category but will weed out people who cannot pass him. It gets a little weird here because it is all about space/time paradoxes and back and forth debate. I have a Masters in philosophy so I think that might have heavily influenced this part of the dream. Either way, my character ‘proves’ it is possible for time to be infinite by successfully arguing against the paradox suggested.

The dream ends. So did he ‘win’ the competition? Did she seduce him into being her consort? Did she even pick him at all? I have no clue. Channel changed.

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