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Some things you should know about me

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You know I have seen some really dickish memes lately from people on Facebook and it brings out a really frustrated part of me. But I don’t like being a dick online. At night when I am in a mood I reply and then I think… don’t be such a dick. Then more often than not I delete it before I post. It gets you nowhere. I have been in a mood lately with all the gun control stuff out there right now. Americans are a tad nutty with it. Then you see some really horrific meme and you’re like Seriously? Who believes that? But people believe such radically different things.

So I thought I will just straight up tell people what I believe. And unfollow people like a nice passive aggressive person. Because arguing online will never change someone’s beliefs. It just never will. I remember arguing with a racist once and it was the most circular argument and just irrational in the extreme… you couldn’t get anywhere. And I just wanted to know why? Like the real reason, he seemed to hate that specific group with a passion. But it never made any sense. Not rationally. And I just never understood that when I was young. Why? But my rational mind couldn’t grasp it. It still is beyond me really. I don’t have enough hate or fear in me to manage it I guess and I am thankful for that.

But most beliefs are just different, not Wrong.

Anyway, here is what I believe.

I am an atheist:

I just am. I thought about it long and hard. I was agnostic at one time. I have a Masters in Philosophy and some of that in religious philosophy. So trust me when I say… I am an atheist. I believe everyone has the right to believe in any religion they want to as long as it doesn’t harm another person. I mean, a religion that believes in human sacrifice? I might think that was a tad morally wrong. But otherwise… believe what you want. But I believe in the separation of church and state. So keep your religion out of public affairs and in your personal life and places of worship. Makes sense, because there are a lot of faiths and there are a lot of atheists… just be mindful of that. Atheists are not out to ‘get you’ by the way. We simply have no belief in what you do, which I understand terrifies some people. But it is simply the non-belief in something.

I am politically liberal and sometimes more to the left:

Simply on the political spectrum purely speaking, perhaps not reflected by actual politicians, a little more to the middle or left. I believe in taking care of societies overall well-being we will have better overall health as a people. And if we let capitalism rein without safeguards it will corrupt without regard for everyone it crushes with its greed and power. I believe the right side of the spectrum has value but fails us in the areas that matter most as an entire society. However, having the right in power at times is the better solution than other times. So I acknowledge that as well. But my Ideals are middle to left. In reality, it depends on the situation, economy, and platforms at the time.

I believe in Global Warming and climate change:

And here is the thing, even if I didn’t I believe in the technological advancement that would improve our environment in the use of technology. Because of Science, man, because of science. We find a better way… I am all for it. And even if I didn’t I would know the world is warming so logically, even if it wasn’t because of humans, we would have to prepare coastal cities and our funds for emergencies that will be happening… because it would still be a thing, whether we caused it or not. So logically I would still believe in the changes that need to be done. I am also a cynic and I, therefore, think it is too little too late, and we should be preparing for what will happen… prevention was a long while back.

I am a supporter of LGBTQ:

Because I believe in human rights. And I believe gender is a spectrum. Gender is actually more complex than I understand but I learn a bit more every day. And frankly, because I don’t hate people for whatever random reason other people come up with. People are people. And oddly enough their sexual preferences have absolutely nothing to do with me. Weird, I know. And they deserve the same rights as every other human being. I do not understand hate though. That I’ll never get. No one told them if they couldn’t understand something, be it another culture, race, or gender, or religion, they could still accept it in the world. For example, I do not understand what it is like to be transgender. And the more I learn, the more confused I get. But I don’t have to understand it to accept transgender people have the right to be who they are free of severe bullying, bathroom shaming, and public ridicule.

I believe in gun control:

I am Canadian. I do not get the American gun mentality at all. I think hunters and farmers typically have guns for different reasons. Military and cops have guns. And generally, other people do not need 20 guns to defend themselves in the average neighborhood. I think they escalate situations that could have been de-escalated. Which tend to lead to more deaths, where there might have been none. But I know it is all complex. And homeowners can have guns if they follow the proper protocols and regulations in order to own one. It isn’t a toy. It needs regulations. And I think we have good ones here. So just be responsible. But if you have a Lot and don’t hunt, are not a farmer, and not in an occupation that trains or uses firearms? Something really weird about that. Just saying. You might want to see someone about that excessive paranoia. I might not get that. But go for it if it is your thing. Some people collect cat figurines… but whatever. Do I think Americans need to reconsider theirs? Yes. But their gun mentality is engrained in them and it seems like the loss of life of children doesn’t even phase them. Well for a few days. Then back to normal. Seems like such a price to pay. But I am not American. What do I know? I don’t get it. I don’t live there. I am actually more likely to be shot entering the US really. We have .5 homicides by gun per 100,000 and they have 3.5. So watch out if you are on vacation down there… may the odds be in your favour. (2-year-old stat… so watch out, likely higher now.). And want to know why our number is so high? Well high for us? Because most of our illegal guns come for the US to fuel crime. Yeah, because it is like buying candy down there. Look it up. There was a whole documentary about it actually. But it isn’t the gun killing, folks, it is the people. But also the fact they have more guns available than anywhere else… so really readily accessible for people to kill people. But the problem is all theirs, to do nothing about. So when they rant about it, just leave them to it, man, leave them to it.


So I don’t care if you are conservative, a lot of my family is. A lot isn’t. We are all good people. Just politically different on the spectrum. And we vote for different people. Which we have the right to do.

And you are entirely free to be religious. Not my call. I’m not. But it is cool. But I won’t go to church with you because it would be really boring for me. You are free to pray for me. A lot of people do, due to my pain and all. And I think that is nice of them. 

And you can be all for guns. I’m just for regulations, which I think Canada does pretty good on really. But I know people who are all for guns. All the power to them.

You may not believe in Global Warming… and you know I don’t think it matters if you do or don’t. I think it is too late to do much about it anyway. So you don’t believe in it and I think we are screwed. I guess I am the cynical one in this picture. I think we will have to do something about the consequences of it though, but, hey, if we don’t… I’ll be dead anyway and I have no kids. See, cynical.

You may be against gay marriage, but the fact is it is legal so you are rather out of luck. Legal is legal. You can believe it is wrong but it is legally right. But don’t hate what you cannot comprehend. Not cool.

We are all entitled to our beliefs. You see? No anger. No rage. No meme wars. Just different beliefs. Unless you believe the earth is flat. That is just wrong. (Sorry trolls!). We can accept other people with other beliefs. And we can talk intellectually with them without losing our cool. There is even some common ground a lot of the time. I know, we may wonder how do they Think that? What is their process? But really beliefs come from all sorts of factors. And we have to understand that. Even emotional factors. I love to believe in my intellectual rational capabilities… but we are all emotional beings. We just have to figure out a way to talk about such things without being dicks about it. Which is far too easy to do online when you are frustrated by a meme Designed to push your buttons. Especially when so much content these days is manufactured bullcrap. Never trust your emotional response to such things. Be calm. Pass it by. No one is going to believe your argument. Beliefs are held for reasons beyond your capacity to Convince someone. But you can discuss things openly, sometimes, depending on the person.


I do loathe bigots, racists, misogynists, and homophobic people. That is sort of my line, man. A pretty big one. The irrationality of them is concerning. The fear they have is disturbing. The amount of damage they can cause is immeasurable. They are the cancer of society. A fester we cannot be rid of. One we often even fail to acknowledge because it is so pervasive. They are loathsome. They should be shamed and scorned by all, but they are not. If they were… they would realize it is unacceptable behaviour. It would die out. Or at least that was one sociologist’s point of view. Shun them and they will have to change or fade away. But we don’t, do we?

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6 thoughts on “Some things you should know about me”

  1. This was a really interesting read. You seem to be much like me with your thought process. I don’t care what people are doing just don’t harm people or bring your crap to others. I feel like everybody is free to live their lives but do so quietly and peacefully!! Just my views, I’ve heard so much nonsense from people I’d rather keep away then have to listen a lot of the time.

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  2. I could relate to when you said you’d experienced “arguing with a racist once and it was the most circular argument and just irrational in the extreme… you couldn’t get anywhere.” – I find this to be the case with a lot of closed-minded people. It’s great you know where you stand on a lot of issues, as do I, and to feel unafraid to stand that ground and speak out (though I also struggle with restraining from commenting on what I see as totally idiotic statuses/memes etc on social media too)! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The thing with close-minded people is that they tend to stay that way I find. And even when you feel like you are having an open conversation they revert to some statement they said in the beginning like some sort of defense mechanism. And you realize they were not participating at all. Just defending statements. So I have to resist going down that rabbit hole.


  3. Stay tuned for my blog post on misogyny, or more precisely, the roots of misogyny, Nikki. We obviously are on the same wavelength to a large extent but you’re a philosopher and I’m a sociologist. Still, I’m sure we can get along!

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