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Things I loved getting this year

  1. Time with my family. It is hard for us all to get together and I have yet to see all my brothers yet, but from one side of them family it was great to see everyone. Chatting. Eating. Just spending time together.
  2. Giving gifts. I can’t say I am the best gift giver there is, but I think I did pretty well this year. I shopped online on Cyber Monday and got some good deals. I think I chose well. I think I brought some smiles.
  3. I loved getting some Marvel T-shits. I am a Marvel sort of person. Nothing against DC, but Marvel rocks. This is a Deadpool one. I also got a ‘I am Groot’ one. IMG_1827
  4. Books. Of course. Books. I got a gift card for books. And I got ‘Migraine’ by Oliver Sacks. I had already read his ‘Hallucinations’ book and loved it. It is fascinating to read. So I always wanted to read his migraine one. Books are gifts that truly make a girl like me happy.
  5. And some time to relax and maybe binge some things on Netflix. Like Stranger things. Or maybe Star Wars if I can convince my spouse. I have a craving for Episode 4,5,6. Nothing like relaxing after the day is done and just reading or watching movies. Today I read one of my books… tomorrow movies.
  6. And some quiet time to write. Or right now work on a second edit of  the novel I fished during Nano. It needs refinements and alterations. It has been hard lately since I have been sick.


I hope everyone enjoys this Holiday Season. Has some quality time with their friends and family. And remember it isn’t how much you spent on the gift but the love you put into choosing it. People even love a card in the mail. I know I do. It is all about the time we spend with the people that count to us.

It was a Good Day. I have to say Christmas is my favourite holiday. The family gathering. The gift giving. Presents, which always great. Food, awesome. Cold outside, warm inside. Then you snuggle down with a movie or a good book and just chill. I would mention to light in children’s eyes and their excitement but I have no children. I did go to a Christmas party and had the pleasure of seeing their faces transform into utter joy and excitement when Santa walked in. A joy so pure it couldn’t even be contained in their expressions. It just enveloped their entire beings. That was a treat. However, seeing the rambunctious rascals running around hyped up on sugar for a few hours solidified my belief I am glad to not actually Have children.


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