Tricky pickle

So I am near the end of what was my Nano novel. And I decide to cut off the final subplot and tie it up. Only if she gets tangled in this web she doesn’t really have a way out of it.

So a) random stranger saves her…. too damn convenient. Especially since the idea was he was looking for her the whole book. To show up right then? Yeah too… too author using a tool to get the good guy out of a spot. He will have to show at another time in another book.

b) friend saves her using a tool that is already available in the plot. Maybe. Except. He has no way of accessing that. So again, that wouldn’t work. But he knows she is missing… so there is potential for him to find some other means.

c) she escapes. Somehow. And working on a viable way, but it is tricky given her limitations. But it would demonstrate she is versatile within those limitations. I can think of one viable way.

So I have been mulling over it for a few days will I write the ending for the other Nano novel I was working on. Since for Nano I was completing two novels that were well overdue to be worked on. And made some very good progress indeed on them both.

I am determined to get them both done soon her.


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