I won NaNoWriMo

the migraine made me do it1(1)

I think this is my 5th or 6th Nano and I have won every year. I won yesterday night and it is my latest win to date. I tend to win around mid-month because I average around 2k-2500 words. But this year I was finishing a novel that was tricky and when that was complete I moved onto a novel I had been ‘stuck’ on… so slow going. I also had some health issues (vertigo, lightheaded, dizziness) which made it impossible to nano some days and other days made for low word counts. Story of my life some days. So I went for the long haul. Started strong and then slowed right down. And that is fine, which a really strong start you can slow right down.

I love NaNoWriMo for the fact it gets me very focused on writing for one month. It makes me realize I have it in me to write 2000-2500 words per day if need be on any given novel. Editing though, well, that is another story. That takes time. And effort. And that is going to be my next stretch here. Editing and polishing that novel up. I think I will quite enjoy the process with it. The novel was a pleasure to write. One you feel pleased with when you are done. I know I will enjoy the second draft as much as the first. And there are some minor changes I need to make in there to enhance a few things. And a subplot I would to grow a bit. So it will take some work.

I wrote 10k of nano on another novel that likewise needs to be finished. And it is now near completion itself. Another novel I am happy with as well. Both are series, so I want to be pleased with them. I have to be. I have to like the world in order to follow the next novel in. And the last few novels I have created, I haven’t been that into them that I wanted to progress with them. I like them, but I do not Love them. Have to know when to set aside a piece and maybe at another time the concept will come about in a different way.

So I really did enjoy this year in the sense I got a lot of work done on the two novels I really wanted to focus on. And now I can delve into some serious editing work.


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