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Rift World: My nano novel is finishing up


I am at around 32k Nano writing, the novel is around 68k so far. And it is getting to the conclusion section. Should be about 90k when done, rough draft. Real rough when I do nano. Tend to be skimpy on details. So have to add all that later.

Not sure, but I might finish before I am at 50k for nano. Thankfully I am working to finish another novel at the moment and I can work on that and add it to my total if that happens. It is my next project anyway, aside from a piece I am editing at the moment.

When all three are done and polished up it will be time to self-publish the one. And send the other two off traditionally.

Next year I have the resolution to finally get some of these out to agents and publishers. And then let the rejection letters pour in. Maybe I will wallpaper my office with them. The wall of sad I’ll call it.


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