Countdown sale on White Witch

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I have a promotion starting on the 6th of November where the 1st Book in the Haven Series: White Witch will be on for 99 cents US. The price will go up by a dollar slowly until it ends on November 13th.

“Raylien is a fae-demon half-breed working for the fae Queen as an Ambassador in Haven. Her demon brother comes to town saying her cousin lost his witch/fae mate, Lily Storm and need help finding her. How hard could that be? Except that is a fake fae name. And she has to keep working for her kin a secret. Along with the fact her father has become fixated on the idea of landing her a demon mate and sent one along to see if she is mate compatible. If the Queen finds out she will be suddenly not compatible with living. Not to mention a lot of nymphs have also gone missing and she is beginning to suspect slavers are in town again.”

Top customer reviews AMAZON

on January 1, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
You should check this baby out. Sometimes can be get complicated, but it is the start of a whole new series. Plus it’s got a twist you won’t see coming.

GOODREADS 4.4 Stars. 


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