Not sure if I will win Nano this year

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed..jpg

Usually I choose a new novel to work on for NaNoWriMo. And I could do that this year too. I have plenty of ideas on the back burner. But I also have two novels I want to finish. So I have chosen one of them as the novel to finish.

However, it is a slow write. Not a fast write. A thoughtful, careful write. Not a get into it and pour the words onto the paper sort of write. It always has been. Each story has a pace that comes with it depending on the type of story that it is. It has its own flow when you write it. Which is why it isn’t done yet. That and I got stumped at a certain point in it.

I know where I am going with it, but that means writing at a much faster speed than that novel generally flows at. And I do not want to change the tone of that novel.

So we will see if I finish. Not to mention I work evening shifts now, so that makes it a bit tricky.

However, I really do want to finish this word. This one I want to go traditional on. So it is an important one for me.

The same goes for the other unfinished one I have. And it is possible if the flow is too slow I will jump between the two of them. And thus making progress on both of them. And likely even finishing at least one.

I am ready to try anyway. But this year? May be the year I finally lose. I hate losing.


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